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Crucible made of Platinum/Gold 95/5 %, high form, 10 ml

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  • Platinum


  • Platinum/Gold


Product Details

  • Working capacity
    10  ml
  • Internal Top Diameter
    24  mm
  • Internal Bottom Diameter
    14  mm
  • Height(H)
    28  mm
  • Weight
    8  g
  • Bottom thickness
    0.28  mm

Precious Metal Weight

Platinum 7.600 gPT
Gold 0.400 gAU
Provisional weights
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Manufacturing Price

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Additional Information


Heraeus Ident-No. 87008468
Heraeus drawing Ti 1/3
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Benefits and Applications

Heraeus Platinum/Gold-crucible in high form are a series of containers with good resitance against agressive medias and stability at high temperatues for the application in laboratories

Delivery Information

Lead-Time 4-6 weeks

Heraeus Labware Recycling Program

The recycling of precious metal laboratory equipment plays an important role when it comes to future purchase decisions. Precious metals are too valuable for them not to be recycled. By claiming this value, costs for new equipment can be reduced significantly. Heraeus accepts scrap material upon offsetting.

The Heraeus Labware Recycling Program is simple and transparent:

  • Select new equipment
  • Submit scrap return for remelting
  • Fill out required documents
  • Place order
  • Track online