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24 AWG.020 0.5 mm Type R Thermocouple Wire - PtRh13 Positive Leg

"Synonym(s)": Type R TC wire | Thermocouple wires | High temp thermocouple wires | Platinum Thermocouple wires

Internal Heraeus Name: 24 AWG.020 0.5 mm Type R Thermocouple Wire - PtRh13 Positive Leg

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TC Wire Type
  • Positive Leg

    Positive Leg

  • Negative Leg

    Negative Leg

Product Details

  • ID
  • TC Wire Type
    Type R  
  • Leg Type
    Positive Leg  
  • Average Weight/inch [g/in]
  • Diameter [Ø AWG]
    24 AWG  
  • Diameter [Ø (mm)]
    0.51 mm  
  • Diameter [Ø inch]
    0.020 inch  
  • Limits of Error
    Class 1  
  • Range for Limits of Error
    0 - 1.600°C (33°F - 2.912°F)  
  • Alloy Composition
    Platinum Rhodium 13  

Precious Metal Weight

Platinum 0.085 gPT
Rhodium 0.013 gRH
Provisional weights
Weights are calculated on the basis of the theoretical delivery weight and can therefore only be evaluated as approximate values.


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Heraeus Ident-No. 81168672
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Benefits and Applications

Pricing Samples

Length Price
200 inches (MOQ)*
800 inches
1200 inches (RNS)
2000 inches
*) Minimum order quantity
$ 1.13/Inch
$ 0.28/Inch
$ 0.20/Inch
$ 0.20/Inch