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Palladium, 0.1% on Alumina (K-0247-01)

Internal Heraeus Name: Palladium, 0.1% on Alumina (K-0247-01)

Product Details

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    Steel Drum 220 l  


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Additional Information


Particle Size 4 - 6 mm
Form Spheres


Support Material Alumina

Precious Metal Content

Palladium 0.10%


Chemical formula 0.1% Pd/ Al2O3


Heraeus Ident-No. 89610248
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Benefits and Applications

0.1 % palladium on aluminum oxide (K-0247-01) is a palladium catalyst based on aluminum oxide spheres. The catalyst is highly efficient in removing oxygen from N2, H2 and noble gases. It is also used for the oxidation of all types of VOC and as a surface catalyst for CO2 cleaning. The palladium catalyst can be purchased in different Pd concentrations from 01-1.0 % by weight. After use, the spent catalyst can be returned to Heraeus for recycling of the valuable precious metals.