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Iridium, 45% on Titanium Dioxide (H2EL-45IrO-S60)

Internal Heraeus Name: Iridium, 45% on Titanium Dioxide (H2EL-45IrO-S60)

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Chemical formula 45.00 % Ir/ TiO2


Heraeus Ident-No. 5103800

Precious Metal Content

Iridium 45.00 %

Classification of the Substance or Mixture

Oxidising solid Category 3
Carcinogenicity Category 2
Long-term aquatic hazard Category 4


Support Material Titanium Dioxide
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Benefits and Applications

The supported Iridiumoxide (H2EL-45IrO-S60) is an Ir-based catalyst supported on a corrosion resistant support material, mainly TiO2. The catalyst is used as an electrocatalyst in electrolyzers (anode) and as additive on fuel cells anode, as well as in other related applications. The catalyst is most suitable for catalytic oxidation of H2O to O2. The catalyst offers high intrinsic activity and a very high Ir efficiency (low Ir content) in the electrode. The catalyst can be purchased in different Ir concentrations of 10 to 50% by weight.

Please note that catalyst volumes and samples are only provided on a B2B-basis after careful review of the business purpose and intent of and with the respective material.