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Trinitratonitrosyl Ruthenium Solution | CAS:34513-98-9

"Synonym(s)": Tris(nitrato-κO)nitrosylruthenium | Ruthenium nitrosyl nitrate | RuNN | [Ru(NO3)3(NO)]

Internal Heraeus Name: Trinitratonitrosyl Ruthenium Solution | CAS:34513-98-9

Product Details

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    50  g
  • Packaging Type
    Bottle, 100 ml  

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Additional Information


Heraeus Ident-No. 5100252
CAS - Number 34513-98-9

Precious Metal Content

Ruthenium 10.00 – 22.00%


Chemical formula [Ru(NO3)3(NO)]
Counter Ion Nitrate

Classification of the Substance or Mixture

Substance or mixture corrosive to metals Category 1
Acute toxicity Category 4
Skin corrosion Category 1A
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Benefits and Applications

Trinitratonitrosylruthenium is used as a precursor for catalysts. Trinitratonitrosylruthenium also serves as a catalyst in various reactions such as hydrogenation, carbonylation, hydrosilylation, hydrofomylation, C-X coupling (e.g. Heck, Suzuku, Stille) and chiral catalysis. Another area of ​​application is the production of thick-film resistors.