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Platinum Nitrate Solution | CAS: 18496-40-7

Synonym(s): Platinum dinitrate, Platinous nitrate, Bisnitric acid platinum(II) salt

Internal Heraeus Name: Pt(II) Nitrate sol. TK LSTDP

Product Details

  • Color
    orange brown  
  • Form
  • Molecular weight
    318,94  g/mol
  • Product type
  • Packaging type
    1 Liter Bottle Narrow Neck |5 Liter Bottle Narrow Neck  


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Additional Information

Precious Metal Content

Platinum 13.00 - 16.00 %


Chemical formula Pt(NO3)2
Counter Ion Nitrate


Heraeus Ident-No. 81147468
CAS - Number 18496-40-7
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Benefits and Applications

Platinum (II) nitrate solution is used in the coating of heterogeneous catalysts. Furthermore, platinum (II) nitrate solution is used as a precursor to produce platinum complex compounds