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KARSTEDT Concentrate 1% | CAS: 68478-92-2

"Synonym(s)": Ethenyl-[ethenyl(dimethyl)silyl]oxy-dimethylsilane platinum, 1,1,3,3-tetramethyl-1,3-divinyldisiloxane platinum salt

Internal Heraeus Name: KARSTEDT Concentrate 1% | CAS: 68478-92-2

Product Details

  • ID
  • Color
  • Physical State
  • Molecular weight
    381,48  g/mol
  • Product Type
  • Packaging Type
    1 Liter Bottle Narrow Neck  


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Additional Information


Heraeus Ident-No. 81147517
CAS - Number 68478-92-2


Chemical formula PtO[Si(CH3)2CH=CH2]2

Precious Metal Content

Platinum 0.70 - 1.30 %

Classification of the Substance or Mixture

Reproductive toxicity Category 2
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Benefits and Applications

The Karstedt 1 % catalyst is used as a hydrosilylation catalyst. Hydrosilylation describes the reactions to build up high-molecular organosilicon compounds, which serve as the basis for manufacturing silicones. By using the Karstedt 1 % catalyst, very low platinum concentrations are contained in the end product. Furthermore, platinum-catalyzed curing is achieved without volatile by-products. The range of catalysts provides options for cure characteristics for every application and can be shipped in various dilutions with polymers to meet customer needs. Heraeus can formulate the activity of the Karstedt’s Catalysts according to the desired catalyst concentration, stability and viscosity. A low turbidity upon mixing with polymers can be expected from the pale, colorless catalyst solution. Heraeus’ catalysts are produced with a narrow variance, which minimizes catalyst waste while delivering constant activity designed for a steady process. The Karstedt 1 % catalyst is extremely user-friendly and processable. For a quick delivery time, please note the minimum order quantity of 1 kg.