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Osmium Tetroxide (Solid) - 0.1g Ampoule

"Synonym(s)": Osmium(VIII) oxide | Tetraoxoosmium | Perosmic oxide | Osmic acid anhydride | Osmiumtetraoxid | OsO4

Internal Heraeus Name: Osmium Tetroxide (Solid) - 0.1g Ampoule

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    0.1g of salt, sealed in a glass ampoule  


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Additional Information

Precious Metal Content

Osmium 74 - 76%


Chemical formula  OsO4
Chemical name tetraoxoosmium


Heraeus Ident-No. 5027797
CAS - Number 20816-12-0
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Benefits and Applications

Osmium Tetroxid  0.1g in ampoule for electron microscopy. Suitable for fixing lipides and proteins.