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Frequently Asked Questions

Products and Modifications

Which products are offered in the Heraeus Precious Metals Shop? 

The current product range in our shop covers chemicals, labware  and pharmaceutical ingredients. All of our products contain precious metal content. 
Heraeus’s complete portfolio includes many other products, of which not all are available in the Heraeus Precious Metals Shop. Such as:

The quantity I want to purchase is not available. What can I do? 

Please note that we do not provide smaller quantities than shown on the product pages. If you want to buy higher quantities than offered, simply use the “Request for Quote” button. Fill out the form, name your desired quantity and we will come back to you with further details.

Where can I find additional product information? 

You can find the most important product information at the bottom of each product page. Any information missing? Don’t hesitate to contact  our customer service and state what additional information you are looking for.

How can I get customized products?

Most of our shop products have a “request product modification” button underneath the “add to cart” button. Press this button to fill out a form with your exact requirements.

I cannot find the product that I am looking for. Does Heraeus not offer it?

Heraeus is strongly engaged in co-developing products together with its partners and customers. If you have a special request don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your project idea.
Furthermore, Heraeus does offer a wide portfolio of products and not all are available in our shop. For more information see question 1: “Which products are offered on the Heraeus Precious Metals Shop”.
For laboratory equipment, for example, we offer special designs if we can expect a longer-term purchase of more than 15 pieces per year.

Registration & Order Process

Who can order from the Heraeus Precious Metals Shop?

Our shop is dedicated to commercial customers only. For our labware product line and some chemicals, an account registration is required prior to ordering. All other products can be ordered via guest check-out.

What payment options are available in the shop?

The only payment option currently in place is payment by invoice. Please be aware that in this shop, we only sell products to business, universities and research institutes. Private consumers may not by eligible for purchases. If you cannot provide a VAT-ID, your purchases cannot be completed.

Can I submit orders without an account and how can I request an account?

Our labware product line and some chemicals are available to registered users only. However, everyone with a VAT-ID can request an account. Some chemical or pharma products can be bought as a guest or with an account.

I am a private customer. Can I order from your product shop?

No, private costumers may not by eligible for purchases. Only commercial customers, such as business, universities and research institutes can purchase the products offered in this shop. If you are looking for our investment products, such as gold or silver bars, you can buy those online from our shop www.heraeus-gold.de.

Do you have minimum order quantity?

All products are already offered in the minimum order quantity.

Delivery & Return

What shipping methods are your offering? What are the shipping costs? 

Precious Metal Labware
By default, we work with various logistic partners such as FedEx, UPS, DHL and TNT. Standard shipping costs within Europe can vary between 20-50 €, out of Europe 50-100 €. The exact shipping costs depend on the product value and will be added to the invoice. Standard shipping duration usually take 2-5 days. In Germany the duration is typically closer to 2 days, shipment to other European countries is rather 5 days. Overseas shipping takes 9-14 days. If you need express and overnight shipping please send us an email to customer.service-fm-hd@heraeus.com with your order information and arrival date of choice. We will try our best to accommodate to your needs.

Precious Metal Chemicals & Pharmaceutical Ingredients 
Many of our products are dangerous goods and need specific requirements for transportation. Shipping time may be delayed depending on weather conditions and available transportation capacity. Shipping costs also vary heavily depending on the amount ordered. If you do need some rough shipping duration and cost estimate, please send an email to pharma@heraeus.com.

Which products can I return for remeting?

Heraeus offers precious metal recycling for three different product groups:

1) Return of laboratory equipment (consisting of 100% precious metal) for remelting
Heraeus offers its customers the reprocessing of used crucibles and other laboratory equipment, as well as precious metal products consisting of pure alloys (made of 100% precious metal). This means that you can return the alloys typically found in laboratory equipment to us. You can find a list of all common alloys here.
Please note that we only offer remelting orders for industrial quantities (>50g precious metal). Simply register and process your remelting order.

2) Return of industrial products (not 100% precious metal) for recycling
Products that do not consist of 100% precious metal but only contain precious metal (e.g. precious metal scrap, catalytic converters with precious metal loading, etc) require a complex recycling process.
Existing customers can start their recycling order via myHeraeus.com. New customers can contact us here.

3) Return of scrap gold and jewelry (heterogeneous precious metal alloys) for remelting
For heterogeneous alloys - such as scrap gold and jewelry - you cannot start a melting order online at the moment. As a new or existing customer, please contact us directly at info.argor@heraeus.com.

I would like to return used crucibles (or other laboratory equipment) for remelting. How can I do that? 

Heraeus offers a laboratory remelting program to all customers. Simply register and handle your remelting order together with or independently from a purchasing order.

Can I return labware equipment for remelting without buying something at the same time? 

Yes, you can start a remelting order independently of a purchase. Precious metals will either be booked to a pool account (precious metals account) or you can sell the precious metals to us.

What Is the return policy of the online ordered products? 

Precious Metal Labware 
If one of your ordered products is missing, damaged, doesn't work, or you merely received the wrong product, please reach out to our customer service via email or telephone and describe the issue to us. Depending on the circumstances, we will either send you a shipping code for a FedEx return or ask you to send the product back to us on your own expense. Once your return arrives, we will investigate and file a report within one day. The report will state whether and how we can accommodate your return request.

Precious Metal Chemicals & Pharmaceutical Ingredients 
Due to the special products, consideration is necessary on a case-by-case basis.
Please contact us in case of a return request.


What other services offers Heraeus Precious Metals? 

As specialist for precious metals, we are offering various services for the precious metal management such as recycling and trading. 
Our core technological competencies lie in the following areas:
  • Precious metals trading
  • Thermal pretreatment of materials and catalysts containing precious metals
  • Sampling and analysis
  • Precious metals recycling processes
  • Logistics and waste management

Where can I order Heraeus gold or silver bars as a private person?

This shop does not offer any investment bars or coins. Our products in this shop are for industrial purposes only. If you are looking for our investment products, such as gold or silver bars, you can buy those online from our shop www.heraeus-gold.de.