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Platinum, 0.5% on Alumina (K-0140-05)

Internal Heraeus Name: Platinum, 0.5% on Alumina (K-0140-05)

Product Details

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  • Packaging Type
    Plastic Barrel 60 l  


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Additional Information


Particle Size 3 x 3 mm
Form Spheres


Support Material Alumina

Precious Metal Content

Platinum 0.50%


Chemical formula 0.5% Pt/ Al2O3


Heraeus Ident-No. 89611005
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Benefits and Applications

0.5 % platinum on aluminum oxide (K-0140-05) is a Pt catalyst on aluminum oxide pellets. The catalyst is used in a variety of gas cleaning applications. Areas of application are the removal of oxygen and hydrogen to produce high-purity gases as well as CO2 cleaning. The catalyst has a high long-term stability. The platinum catalyst can be purchased in different Pt concentrations from 0.1-1.0% by weight. After use, the spent catalyst can be returned to Heraeus for recycling of the valuable precious metals.