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Palladium, 0.5%; Silver, 5% on Titandioxid (K-02137)

Internal Heraeus Name: Palladium, 0.5%; Silver, 5% on Titandioxid (K-02137)

Product Details

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    Plastic Barrel 120 l | Steel Drum 220 l  


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Additional Information


Heraeus Ident-No. 89602137


Chemical formula 0.5% Pd/ 0.5% Ag/ TiO2

Precious Metal Content

Silver 5%
Palladium 0.50%

Classification of the Substance or Mixture

Acute aquatic hazard Category 1
Long-term aquatic hazard Category 1


Particle Size Ø 1,5 mm
Form Strangs


Support Material Titandioxid
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Benefits and Applications

0.5 % palladium; Silver, 5 % on titanium dioxide (K-02137) catalyst shows superior performance in the trace removal of CO and H2 down to ppb levels leading to ultra-pure gases e.g., for the electronics industry. The catalyst has a very good poison resistance and can be operated also at low temperatures. The catalyst is available with different loadings. After use, the spent catalyst can be returned to Heraeus for recycling of the valuable precious metals.