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Rhodium Chloride Solution | CAS: 13569-65-8

"Synonym(s)": Rhodium chloride trihydrate, Triaquatrichlororhodium, Trichlororhodium, Rhodium trichloride

Internal Heraeus Name: Rhodium Chloride Solution | CAS: 13569-65-8

Product Details

  • ID
  • Color
  • Physical State
  • Molecular weight
    263,31  g/mol
  • Product Type
  • Packaging Type
    0.1 Liter Bottle Narrow Neck  


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Additional Information


Heraeus Ident-No. 81147487
CAS - Number 13569-65-8


Chemical formula RhCl3 · 3H2O
Counter Ion Chloride

Precious Metal Content

Rhodium 19.00 - 24.00 %

Classification of the Substance or Mixture

Substance or mixture corrosive to metals Category 1
Acute toxicity Category 4
Serious eye damage Category 1
Germ cell mutagenicity Category 2
Acute aquatic hazard Category 1
Long-term aquatic hazard Category 1
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Benefits and Applications

Rhodium (III) chloride serves as a catalyst for oxo processes. Rhodium (III) chloride is also used in the coating of heterogeneous catalysts. For a quick delivery time, please note the minimum order quantity of 18.6 kg.