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Master Alloy: H-111R

Internal Heraeus Name: Master Alloy | H-111R | Heraeus Shop

Product Details

  • ID
  • Color
    Deep Yellow  
  • Karat
  • Application
    Casting & Machining  
  • Hardness
    132HV (14K)  
  • Casting Temperature
    960-980 (14K)  


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Benefits and Applications

Master alloy for the production of Yellow 417 – 585 ‰ gold jewellery obtained by mechanical working. The alloy is one of the most popular colours for 585‰ yellow gold especially for the US market. The elements contained in this product ensure a high surface quality and a high deformation capability thanks the small grain structure, making it suitable for the production of hand and machine made hollow and solid chains, deep drawn items, and tube.