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HeraPur 70/74,5-400-1454-12-A

Product Details

  • Diameter
    70  mm
  • Height(H)
    74.5  mm


Manufacturing Price

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Order Quantity
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Additional Information

Precious Metal Content

Palladium 0.0037 g
Rhodium 0.0005 g


Heraeus Ident-No. 5010238 - 2


Appearance Metal honeycomb
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Benefits and Applications

HeraPur® Three-Way Catalysts

For more than a decade, Heraeus has been a global player in the aftermarket as a supplier of three-way catalysts worldwide. Over the years, we have established close relationships with R&D and sales departments throughout the world. Our HeraPur® Three-Way Catalysts product range includes catalysts for motorcycles, automotive and special applications, e.g. racecars, speedboats or even forklifts. 

Our long-term experience enables us to develop many different catalyst layouts for specific engines and displacements, taking into account catalyst shape and size.

Three-way catalysts – performance and solutions

Heraeus HeraPur® catalysts have been field-tested for years and demonstrate a proven track record for many applications in Europe, Asia and the United States.