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Palladium Chloride Solution | CAS: 7647-10-1

Synonym(s): PdCl2 | Dihydrogen tetrachloropalladate(II) | H2[PdCl4] | cis-Dichloropalladium

Internal Heraeus Name: Pd(II)chloride sol. LSAMP

Product Details

  • Packaging/Sample size
    10  g
  • Packaging type
    Bottle, 100 ml  


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Additional Information


Heraeus Ident-No. 5100256
CAS - Number 7647-10-1

Precious Metal Content

Palladium 10-25%


Chemical formula H2[PdCl4]
Counter Ion Chloride


Appearance Solution
Color Brown
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Benefits and Applications

Palladium chloride solution is used in the coating of heterogeneous catalysts. Another area of application is the use as a catalyst/catalyst precursor for reactions which are catalyzed by Pd (0). Palladium chloride solution is also used as a precursor for the production of palladium complex compounds.