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Palladium(II) Acetate Solid

Synonym(s): Pd(OAc)2 | Palladium diacetate | Hexakis(acetato)tripalladium | Bis(acetato)palladium

Internal Heraeus Name: Pd(II) Acetate HSAMP

Product Details

  • Packaging/Sample size 10  g
  • Packaging type Bottle, 1000 ml  


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Additional Product Details


Heraeus Ident-No. 5100250
CAS - Number 3375-31-3

Precious Metal Content

Palladium 47.5-48.5%


Description / Formula Pd(CH3CO2)2
Counter Ion Acetate


Appearance Solid
Color Yellowish to brown
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Benefits and Applications

  • Applied in the synthesis of flubendiamide as a pesticide
    Homogeneous oxidation catalyst/catalyst precursor for Pd0 for reactions e.g. alcohol oxidation to aldehydes or ketones or acids, alkenes oxidation to methyl ketones
    Catalyst for cross-coupling reactions, e.g. synthesis of Singulair®, Merck’s treatment for asthma and allergies, synthesis of liquid crystal via Suzucki coupling
    Catalyst for carbonylation reaction
  • Catalyst for the formation of cyclic compounds
  • Catalyst for the reduction of alkynes to alkenes
  • Catalyst for the hydrogenolysis of allylic heterosubstituents
  • Precursor for the preparation of supported catalysts
  • As precursor for the synthesis of other Pd complexes