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Master Alloy: H-160A

Interne Heraeus-Bezeichnung:Master Alloy | H-160A | Heraeus Shop


  • ID
  • Farbe
    Deep Yellow  
  • Karat
  • Auftragungsmethode
  • Härte
    155HV (14K)  
  • Gießtemperatur
    950-970 (14K)  


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Vorteile und Anwendungen

Master alloy for the production of Yellow 417 – 585 – 750 – 917‰ gold jewellery obtained by investment casting. The alloy is one of the most popular one for yellow gold jewellery in India. This alloy is one of the few which can be applied to almost all karatages for yellow gold; however, fast quenching is highly recommended for 750‰ gold jewellery. This product, thanks to its complex composition made of numerous different special elements, ensures an extreme level of deoxidation, an extreme surface quality, an enhanced fluidity, and a long lasting of this features also after many reuses of casting scraps, making it the most advanced solution for castings with and without stones in place.